Metal Buildings

Everyone needs a shop or barn to store the extra Christmas decorations the wife won't quit buying. It's also a good place for all the tools that lay where the car use to sleep. If you currently have a building and are in need of more room, we can always add on or expand to whatever size you need.

Commercial & Industrial
Whether expanding your business or starting a new one, a metal building is the way to go. Metal buildings do not need support walls so you can layout your floor plan whatever way you want it. We even build mini warehouses. With 55 years of experience in metal building construction, we can have it up in just days.

Click on a picture below and get a close up of our work and note the captions at the bottom of some photos.  Don't stop there though.  Keep scrolling down to see more.

Metal Buildings:
Re-tinning of wood shop in Wharton, TX.  Burgundy Tin and Lightstone TrimMetal Building Camper cover, El Campo, TXPicture taken for color options.  Built by others30x60x14 Metal Building w/ Lightstone walls, Deep Green Trim and White roof.  25x60 Leantoo on each side with North walls.  FM 1300 El Campo, TX50 x 100 Mini Storage Building in Bay City, TX.30ft x 70ft Mini Storage Building in El Campo, TXAdd on to existing building w/ insulation in Bay Side, TXMetal Building steel erection for LL&F Construction on Holy Catholic Church Parish Hall in Wharton, TX.18,000 Sq. Ft. Building w/ 3in. Insulation throughout for Holy Family Catholic Church, Wharton, TX.  Steel Erection & Tin by Drapela Welding & Const.Custom Welding & Fabrication.  Holy Family Parish HallBack of Parish HallCanopy Trim Detail w/ soffit panelsInterior Lightstone U-panel tin walls in WCJC HVAC Building. WCJC Interior wallsWCJC Interior wallsWCJC Interior wallsMetal Building in Blessing, TX
Carports, Patios, & Awnings

Shade, Shade, & More Shade. Do you ever get tired of getting in that hot car or have to run in and out of the house when you're trying to BBQ in the rain? Try parking in the shade under a new carport, and cooking on the grill while relaxing under your new patio.

When a carport or patio is attached to your house, it shades or blocks summer heat from radiating through your walls and windows. Less heat in your home means less money on your electricity bill.

Need an awning or face lift to your building or office?  We can customize one to your specifications.  With an all metal constuction package, you won't be picking up your new addition in the neighbors yard after a storm blows through.

Let us let you enjoy the shade!
With over 55 years of experience in the construction industry, we have solutions for all of your project requirements.
Parapet Wall on front of building, downtown El Campo, TX.Canopy with SoffitCloseCloseup of SoffitU-Panel tin as Soffit for Rice Farmers Coop of El Campo, TX
Metal House Roofs

Metal Roofs come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Increase your homes curb appeal with your new metal roof.

Protect your home from the Texas heat and weather while also lowering your electricity bill. Metal Roofs can withstand some of the toughest weather conditions. Hail will often damage and break composition shingles. High winds can rip off composition as well as heavy clay roofing. A metal roof normally lasts at least twice as long as an asphalt or composition roof. While asphalt shingles absorb heat, tin roofs reflect it and in turn, lower your A/C bill in those hot summer months.
Metal Roof atop a Metal Frame Home.Rustic Red Metal roof behind Snoball Express in El Campo, TXRustic Red Metal Roof & CarportLight Stone Metal Roof w/ U-Panel tin located in Louise, TX
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Metal Homes

Go Green with your new metal home.  Energy efficiency to the max!  With a selection of Energy Star tin colors, you can save some green in those hot summer months.  Metal homes are free standing and need no support walls in their interior.  Which means you can design your floor plan anyway you want.  Don't be fooled by the competition's light gauge steel homes, you might as well go with wood.  Kodiak Homes are rated to a 140mph wind load keeping you and your family out of harms way from damaging winds, hail, falling trees, and deadly storm surge.  Follow this link to view and compare the standard wood frame home to a metal frame home.  Click on the red links for more information.  To view different home models click on the "Models and Pricing" link in the top left corner of the Kodiak website.  These homes come in all shapes and sizes.  As you will see in the photos to the right, a metal frame home looks no different than a regular home as the finished product.  Our experience with building a Kodiak Steel Home gives us the leading edge to have your home up in a matter of days.  Let us know if you have any questions or would like any more information.
Diagram from Kodiak Steel Homes at www.kodiaksteelhomes.comKodiak Steel Home - Meadowbrook StyleConstruction of the "Savannah" 2-Story Kodiak Steel Fame Home with a metal roof in Columbus, TXHeavy rediron steel.