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Our Services

Drapela Welding & Construction has over 55 years of combined experience in the metal construction industry.  We separate ourselves from the competition by our high quality workmanship.  With the use of larger and thicker materials, you are guaranteed a sturdy building that will stand the test of time.  Drapela Welding & Construction is located in El Campo, TX and provides its service throughout Texas.  We specialize in Metal Buildings, Metal House Roofs, Patios, Carports, and Metal Home Construction.  We also provide general welding and fabrication services.

We are also happy to erect any steel building provided to us by a general contractor, subcontractor, or the do it yourselfer who could use an extra hand.
Why Use Us?

Our work can be thought of as going the extra mile.  We use only top grade, domestic materials for our jobs as well as heavier, thicker steel.  You won't find a thin purlin endwall in our buildings.  We stick to Beefy I-Beams and tubing for our uprights.  Some companies use oil-field pipe as thier main building material.  Well...oil-field pipe is made for drilling and not for structural building supports.  In the end though, its up to You the customer.  All of our wall and roof perlins will be at a minimum thickness of 14 gauge, and with us building near the coast, 12 gauge will also be used, especially for door frames.  Some of our competitors cut corners and costs by using a thinner metal of 16 gauge.  We like our projects to stand firm and strong to give it that extra protection from the elements. 

All cuts & welds will be buffed off and then coated with a cold galvanizing compound to seal the metal and wart off that ugly red rust.

For our patios & carports we use 1/2" bolts to fasten our purlins together instead of screws like some of the competion, welding purlins just doesn't look as good to us.  Long-life screws are used on all of our projects to secure the tin.  Long-life screw heads are made of a zinc alloy that will never rust.  Our Patios & Carports will always have galvanized poles.
Our Carports, & Patios are built with half inch diameter bolts to give a secure, well designed, & sleak finish.  Unlike the image on the left, our competition often use screws to hold their's together.  Welding is a good fix, but only if it's buffed off and painted.  Clearly not buffed here.We primarily use all galvanized material unless requested differently by our customers.I-Beam uprights & trusses for main supports.  If we think the span between uprights is too far then we will add two 12ga purlins bolted back to back as an extra support in the wall.Extra purlins make for extra strength where the windows and doors are located.  This building also has 3"  reinforced backing insulation on the roof.Our attention to detail in our tirm and soffit work make for a beautiful picture.
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